Cone Beam (CBCT) Imaging

In our commitment to providing the best oral health solutions, we are proud to offer cone beam imaging, a revolutionary service that enhances diagnostic capabilities and treatment planning.

Cone beam imaging, also known as CBCT scanning, becomes essential in cases where traditional dental X-rays may not provide sufficient information. This advanced technology is particularly valuable for complex dental procedures, such as dental implant placement, orthodontic planning and the evaluation of temporomandibular joint (TMJ) disorders. By capturing three-dimensional images of the oral and maxillofacial regions, this machine provides a comprehensive view that aids in precise diagnosis and treatment.

When you opt for cone beam imaging, you can expect a noninvasive and quick procedure. The process involves the patient positioning themselves comfortably as the cone-shaped X-ray beam rotates around the head, capturing detailed images. The result is a 3D model that allows our dentist to assess your dental structures with unparalleled accuracy.

The benefits of cone beam imaging extend beyond traditional X-rays. This technology reduces radiation exposure, offers detailed anatomical information and enables more precise treatment planning. With cone beam imaging, our team can deliver personalized and effective dental care, ensuring optimal outcomes for your oral health journey. Experience the future of dentistry with cone beam imaging in Gainesville, Virginia, at Heritage Dental Arts – where innovation meets excellence. Call 703-349-0099 today to schedule your consultation with Dr. Zan Pervaiz today and learn more!

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